The Belfairs Management Ltd

The Belfairs Management is diverse in its nature, truly international in its asset-base and dynamic in every sense. Established and run by professionals within the medical, property and aviation industries, the company certainly boasts a business portfolio on an international scale. The group owns assets all over the globe, with substantial investments in every major continent and business centre, including in London, the business capital of the world, where the diverse services of the group are clearly evident.

The affiliations of the business now spread across Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, The Americas and the Far East. These include formal affiliations with some of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, as the business has been built with an emphasis on the medical industry.

The group owns hospitals, which benefit from the group's extensive medical expertise, as well as numerous other properties, and their Boeing 767s are prolific within aviation circles.

Stamford Hospital in London, now run by the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, is owned by the group, which speaks volumes for the type of projects with which the company is involved.

The property business runs across the world and the aviation company is a prestigious global force working with some of the largest airlines in the world.

The Belfairs is a breath of fresh air in diverse, international business and worldwide affiliate base alignment. Built on the foundations of the medical sector, the company's expansion into mass property purchases and the prestigious aviation industry has considerably enhanced its reputation as a truly global force.